Thursday, 24 January 2008

Partnership Working

Love Libraries Logo and Page header designMet with someone from the local public library service today re: promoting reading for leisure in the workplace. It looks like we'll be able to get some RaW swaps and pub lib stock into some of the team rooms at work. I was really impressed on how laid back it is. There's no need to issue the books to people and there's no problem if they don;t all come back. Which is cool. It means I have to do very little (which is nice), the people on site get some good reading matter, and the public library achieve a bit of their reading promotion aims. Win win win. Just have to get management approval - which may take time - but looks very positive.

We also spoke about reading groups and I got some really useful advice. I'm thinking now that have a genre specific group might put folks off so I'll keep it general for now. What was really useful was finding out about book chains - if people can't commit to joining a group there are other options! All in all a useful meeting...

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