Monday, 31 March 2008

ScribeFire rocks

Just discovered ScribeFire which should make blogging a lot less hassle and a lot more fun. It's a plug-in for Firefox. Once it's installed you can fire it up from your browser, pick from any blogs you've configured and just start typing. You can also drag and drop pictures in from the browser pane above - so, in theory, if I want a picture of the ScribeFire logo I can wizz of to find one at say Flickr (this blog entry stays open in the bottom half of the screen).

Here goes...

Ok - didn't like the selection at Flickr so I'm off to the ScribeFire site instead...

ScribeFire: Fire up your blogging

...and Robert's your mother's brother.

It's also really easy to switch blog mid-post. If you've got more than one post and you decide mid-post that you want to switch the one you're posting to, you just click on the blogs tag and that changes the blog you're publishing to (this is also a good way to copy posts from one blog to another - by loading up a previous blog from one blog then switching blogs and hitting the publish button).

As far as editing goes it offers you three flavours of text editor - rich text, html and preview - although the preview doesn't actually show you how it will appear in your blog. My only criticism is that you can't easily see previous tags you've added to your blog when tagging an entry. There doesn't seem to be a typeahead or any way to list that blogs tags. As I've only been using it five minutes though I've probably missed something.

I'm hoping this will have applications I can use at work to make blogging new books and journals easier - this could well be one of the pieces of the jigsaw. Great tool - I've been using it five minutes and I thoughroughly recomend it.

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