Thursday, 21 January 2010

CILIPHW feeds: To do list

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I need to improve the feeds going in to our CILIP sub-branch twitter stream (@ciliphw). At the moment there's a feed from a basic Google News search going in. It's ripped via Dapp Factory then fed in via Twitter feed. Unfortunately the search isn't brilliant and it's picking up a lot of irrelevant stuff. I thought of rss'ing a normal Google search but it's hard to pick up genuine library stories without getting stuff that mentions libraries in other contexts.

Looking at search results, I think the best option is to identify the local newspapers sites then do Google site searches. So the to do list is as follows...

1) Identify all the local papers
2) Search local papers using Google and sort results by dates
3) Get feeds of the search results (either using Google alerts or Dapp Factory)
4) Aggregate the feeds into the twitter stream using the tag #news using twitter feed.

After that I think there are a couple of other sources that might be useful to add to the Twitter stream:
1) CILIPHW news. Hopefully we should have a blog on CILIP communities soon and can take a feed from this for our events etc. #events
2) Local library blogs. #blogs
3) Local library jobs. #jobs (similar to @UKlibraryjobs but for Hants and Wight)

Hopefully, if all goes well, it will also make a good example of a simple mashup for a talk that I'm giving at work in a few weeks.

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