Wednesday, 17 February 2010

SeeSaw for TV on Demand

space seesaw

I'm just taking a look at a new TV on demand service called See Saw. It includes BBC, Channel 4 and Five on demand content all in one place. It basically works the same as any of these services in that you can use it to catch up with programs that you've missed within a certain time (up to 30 days).

They've also bought some (only a small some so far from what I can see) content from the US and there's some archive materials from our UK channels (for instance I stumbled across 2 series of Bottom which I'll be catching up on - it's great for old BBC and Channel 4 comedy series!).

There are parental controls build in that you can set if you want. As far as privacy goes, they do collect a bit of information about you but no more than any other online service. The privacy policy is here. There is a bit of a disclaimer in the privacy policy and t's & c's about they are not responsible for data that 3rd party advertisers on the site may collect about you so that may be a bit of a concern. Other than that the t's & c's look pretty much what you'd expect.

Negative points are: the searching is very naff and I think they're missing a trick in that there's no social element to the site. Also, navigation around the site is a bit slow - I'm guessing it's getting a bit of a hammering on its launch day. Importantly, there are sites out there with far more content but I think what's interesting here is that the content is all licensed and above board (maybe as such it's doomed to failure!). What you see is what you get though and (as it's a UK service) you're not going to find any content that's "only available in the US" or a bit hokey.

In summary, interesting concept and easy to use, but needs more content, better search and some social or interactive features.

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