Saturday, 3 April 2010

Kitchen makeover: Day 7

DSCF4350This is really turning into a battle of wills - it's us against the kitchen! Everything seems to take a lot longer than planned and now our time off is running out. Will we make it in time? Ah, who cares, we've got the worst of it done.

Yesterday started with our daily trip to the DIY stores for some bits and pieces. While we were looking at the wall tile spacers a professional tiler stopped and advised us to use 3mm spacers for our wall tiles (the only size they didn't have!) so we've got another trip to a bigger DIY store today.


Back at home I worked on cutting the upstands and attaching the end finishing strips to finish the worktops while Radka worked on finishing touches to some of the paintwork and grouted under the washing machine and cooker areas. Later I got  pack of waste pipe work and fitted it to the sink (I wasn't really happy with the pipework that was already there. I was a little bit overwhelmed by the amount of bits you get in the pack though. I wonder if it matters that there are a few bits left over?

DSCF4352After we'd got the washing machine and cooker back into place it was tea time. We decided to crack on after tea as we're a bit behind. Radka finished some  grouting while I cut and laid the remainder of the floor tiles. This turned into a bit of a mission and it was midnight before  we finished, but it's done now so hopefully we can take it a bit easier for the next few days!

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