Monday, 5 April 2010

Kitchen makeover: Day 9

DSCF4363...well, unfortunately we didn't quite make it to the pub as - yet again - things took longer than we thought. We started the day with Radka finishing up the paintwork (coving) while  I shaped the final piece of worktop to go on a small cupboard. Luckily, an offcut was just about the right size but both ends needed planing and finishing with the endstrips. The other day we finished the ends by glueing the endstrips into place, waiting for it to dry, then trimming it - which proved to be difficult. Cutting the endstrips to the exact size proved to be easier as it was just a case then of planning the edges very lightly to get the right finish.

DSCF4365With the final worktop in place I then tiled above it and finished some wall tiling around a socket on the other wall. The time consuming job of the day was the grouting. I removed excess spacers as far as possible while Radka did the real work of squeegeeing the grout into the gaps and finishing it neatly. The grouting is one of those fiddly jobs that I have no patience for, but Radka did a great job and it really finishes the look of the floor and also makes it more stable.

Last day today!! Just time to grout the wall tiles and do some finishing touches of woodwork - then it's back to the real world!

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