Tuesday, 20 July 2010

HLG Conference Presentation

A day of firsts for me today. First trip to Manchester (it rained!), first visit to the Health Libraries Group (HLG) conference (it was interesting - I wish I could have seen more) and also my first time presenting at a conference (it was scary!).

It was quite a full on day as travel to the conference involved: walk to Southampton Airport (luckily just down the road from us), flight to Manchester Airport, bus to station, train to Manchester Picadilly, tram to Salford Quays, then a short walk through the quay to The Lowry.

The venue was great - I managed to get there in time to catch the morning session on change management in NHS libraries - interesting few case studies on merging trust library services and something I'll need to be aware of for supporting our students whilst in the NHS...

Then it was lunch break and I had a look at a few vendor stands then took a stroll to gather my thoughts before presenting in the afternoon session. The presentation was about the need for information literacy - especially for health professionals - the challenges that we face in higher education in delivering this, and how our approach at Bournemouth (particularly our Using Information Community within the VLE) is meeting these challenges.

It was interesting to me from the other two presentations (from librarians in the NHS) how the same themes ran through what we're doing - despite working for very different types of library alot of our goals re: information literacy, and the challenges we face, are the same. The PILLARS VLE work is certainly something I'll be taking a closer look at.

I'd prepared two slide decks - one a standard powerpoint and one using http://prezi.com as a more visual presentation. Unfortunately the kit wasn't geared up towards prezi just yet so it was lucky I had the powerpoint as a backup.

It'd be a shame to waste the prezi so here it is...

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