Sunday, 26 December 2010

Our 2010 in pictures

I've just been looking through a few pictures as a cure to the Boxing Day blues. It's easy to forget all the fun stuff when shut in over Xmas when it's cold and dark. Also, this time of year, when the days are short, it can feel like life is a constant cycle of work, eat sleep. Here's a few pictures showing some of the things we've been up to through the year...


2010 started as it meant to finish, with a bit of snow! This was taken on St. Catherine's Hill nr. Winchester. It looks pretty bleak but it was actually quite good fun as there were loads of people out walking dogs and sledging.



Was spent doing some preparation for growing some veg in the garden. We had an old, weed infested veggie patch with a concrete footpath that had to be dug up and, while we had the jackhammer tool it made sense to get rid of some other unwanted concrete. Seem to remember it was freezing cold that day, not ideal for hammering through tonnes of concrete!

Garden work in February


At the end of March we took some time out to fix up our kitchen. Hard work but also quite good fun and we've been enjoying the results for the rest of the year.

Kitchen makeover - after


After quite a bit of work on the house and garden and a busy time at work, April was quite tiring. This was taken at a Black Rebel Motorcycle Club gig at Southampton University. Lovely gig but I think I nearly fell asleep at one point!

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at Southampton Students Union - April 2010


We finished of the raised beds in the garden and got some planting done. Lovely to spend more time outdoors.

Planting raised beds in May 2010


Camping season! One of the first trips of the year was to Brockenhurst where, among other things, you can get out on a bike ride. One of the best memories from this trip was waking up in the middle of the night to see a herd of deer walking between the tents through a slight mist. Surreal.

Camping in Brockenhurst - June 2010


More camping in July, including a slightly longer trip down to Cornwall. Lovely, bike ride to Padstow along the Camel Trail (where this one was taken). Also trips to the Eden Project and Tintagel made this really memorable.

Snail on a rock near Padstow - July 2010


Holiday time. This was the first time we've been on a proper, 2 week holiday. We'll make more of an effort to do this from now on as it was great just to relax and recharge the batteries a bit...

Corfu August 2010


We'd been getting veg out of the garden all summer. In early September the tomatoes and peppers ripened...

Harvest time - September 2010


...and slightly later it was time to harvest the root veg.

Harvest time - October 2010


The last of the veg were harvested and preserved. It's a difficult time of year for me work wise so it's fantastic to have the garden as a distraction at the weekends and also as a source of lovely fresh food!

Harvest time - November 2010


Back to snow again. It's been a really harsh winter so far. Our travel plans for xmas were wrecked by the chaos at Heathrow but at least we didn't actually make it up there and get stuck in the queues and bedlam.

December 2010

Looking back, there's been loads of other fun stuff that hasn't made it into photos. One of my new year's resolutions is to make a bit more time to enjoy the fun bits and not let work take over too much. Happy New Year everyone!

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