Thursday, 27 January 2011

Library Day In The Life: #libday6

Thursday morning is study morning as we have our PG Cert seminars. I started off with a strong coffee in the canteen while I finished the pre-reading for this morning's session. We were lucky to have some good speakers in today - including Jennifer Moon (who written some key texts on reflective learning and critical thinking amongst other things). This part of the session was a workshop on critical thinking where we looked at four different accounts of an incident on a walking trip and analysed how critical each one was and why.

Critical thinking is really tough to define or describe, but the session acknowledged this and got us instead to recognise different levels of critical thinking and assess what had made one account more critical than another. Quite a good way of getting us to think about what critical thinking is without worrying about the language involved...

Then it was back over to the other campus for a shift on the enquiry desk - followed by an EndNote Web tutorial. I really enjoy these - this one was a follow up for a student who couldn't make it to a workshop a couple of weeks ago... It's got its quirks but on the whole I think it's a really useful tool and I find it easier to use than the desktop version.

I finished the day by compiling some figures for an ebook provider. My colleague has been looking at reading lists to see which books are available from a new platform. I put this together with feedback from our academics on specific titles they've identified during a trial. Should be interesting to see where this one goes. Ebooks make alot of sense (especially for health students who spend long spells away from the institution on work placements) but one of the difficulties is that not many textbooks are available in e. Is this a sign that this is about to change?

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