Thursday, 31 May 2012

Eastleigh Festival of Music 2012

Here is my annual post on the Eastleigh Festival of Music, which we attended last Thursday and Friday. It was held indoors again this year in The Point. It was a little strange to be seated for most of the acts, and we felt a little bit detached from the bands, but Treacherous Orchestra remedied this at the end. Overall it was a great time as usual.

 This is the kit are (I think) from Winchester. I really liked this band. Quite a traditional sound in some way. Amazing voice and I really enjoyed the banjo and the humor. Lot's of pauses for re-tuning which always amazes me as it takes me ages to tune a guitar. "Our job is to make the other bands look ultra professional, and we do this very well" was an example of the self depreciating humor.

Treetops Flyers were up next. I wasn't quite so keen on this set as I couldn't get over how similar it sounded to Kings of Leon - both vocally but also I thought in the way the songs were written and arranged. Overall a good performance though.

Lanterns on the Lake were last up on the Thursday. A much mellower sound to finish up with. Great performance especially as the singer was suffering from a heavy cold. Really beautiful ballads. I recommend checking them out on Soundcloud via their website.

The Moulettes were first up on the Friday evening. We both really enjoyed them - excellent vocal harmonies and really energetic - it set a really good tone to the second night.

Alasdair Roberts & Mairi Morrison were more traditional. Rendering folksongs, sometimes in Gaelic. I thought the reference to folklorists from the 50's was interesting - how some of this music would be lost if it had not been captured with early forms of recordable media.

Treacherous Orchestra were the last up. Absolutely brilliant - they got the crowd up and dancing in no time. What I thought was amazing was that they were able to connect with the audience straight away with just sheer energy! A really good end to this year's festival.

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