Thursday, 20 December 2007

Development Planning & Forms

Ok - time to get the forms in the post and registered. My mentor has approved my development plan so this post will summarise that and should act as a good work plan for next year. It's cool that, being a solo librarian, I'm able to base my development aims on where I want the library to go over the next year - thus this post is both a development plan and a work plan for 2008. I'll list the objectives in this post and then go into more detail in separate posts for each objective. I'll also define tags that I can use in future posts and (hopefully) at the end this will tie everything together.

Here's my 5 objectives:

1) Improve knowledge of journals management techniques.

2) Develop the skills and knowledge needed to redevelop the library web pages.

3) Improve subject knowledge.

4) Develop skills and knowledge in cataloguing and preservation techniques for archiving historically important material.

5) Develop awareness of reading promotion techniques.

These are fairly broad objectives but they relate to specific things I want to achieve with the library next year...

1) Get more out of the journals collection. I'm not really happy with the supply or usage at the moment. This objective is about getting better value out of the journals collection.

2) The library webpages are in drastic need of a revamp - the content at the moment is static and really about describing the libraries processes and proceedures. That's ok but how many people will read lengthy documents about how to use the library - if they need to know something they normally ask. What I would like to do is maintain access to this information while pushing content to the front with rss feeds - the website should be about promoting resources and library use.

3) Improve subject knowledge. This has been a fairly random activity up to now and needs to improve. I want to know about new subject areas quickly so that published info is on the shelves before people ask for it.

4) I have loads of historical documents and a room.

5) The reading promotion one is really about formalising my awareness that the library needs promoting. Constantly. This is a bit broader than the work role and includes promoting reading as a way to promote the library. It's about recognising that by developing a learning, reading culture, the library can contribute to the quality of information that people use.

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