Thursday, 20 December 2007


Had to find a more manly picture after that last post but I do hate forms.

Here's a more detailed plan about what I want to do with my journals collection next year and the development I'll need to undergo to do it.

i) First bit is to work out how the journals module of my library management system works. I know that it can produce overdue reports for claims and the suppliers now have a good front end for entering claims - I need to get the supply alot more consistent, and put in business controls. Sources for this develpment are possibly my professional network (an extremely overworked sys admin) but more likely it'll be a case of hitting the manuals. Can't really afford training.

ii) I need to do a review of journal usage at the start of the year. This is essential as it will drive decisions about what to do with the hardcopy collection. Basically the question is do we give up on providing more scholarly content and focus on the more browsable content? The development need here is really finding an accurate method of journal survey. I would like to use rfid tags and compare it to traditional methods but I'll need to do some research into methods.

iii) Third objective is to improve access by publishing tables of contents. The new books blog has shown that blogging is an ideal medium for current awareness but the development need is about researching rss and web development to determine what can be done. The idea is to feed up headlines/ summaries that link to requests for photocopies.

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