Thursday, 27 December 2007

Journals to do list

After a bit of reading of the system manual it's starting to become clear what needs to be done.

First job is to reset the system. The report at the moment says that we have 96 journal issues that haven't been received (it also doesn't look like any of my predecessors used the claims reporting claims report has hardly ever been reset). What I have to do is to check that we have indeed claimed these 96 issues and then send the report to print (or trick it into thinking it's printed - I don't actually want reams of paper!). Sending the report to print clears it so that - next week when I come and look again there will only be issues that should have been received in this week.

Second job is to claim any issues that haven't been received and mark any really old ones as not received on the system - this will give us a clean slate, there's no way I'll have time to claim for much retrospectively but hopefully once the process is in place I should stay on top of them.

Third job is to get the predictions working right and set/ tweak the claims parameters - this'll take a couple of weeks to a month and alot more reading of the manual!

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