Thursday, 6 December 2007

Quiz week

This blog is definitely going to move to Blogger. There's no way (that I can find) to tag entries properly and as I'll need to be looking back on these posts when I put my portfolio together I MUST AND SHALL HAVE TAGGING.

The plan is to set up a blog on Blogger then send an RSS feed back to MySpace in a widget (like the one for...

...from Spring Widgets.

On the chartership front these few days are all about quizzes. Tonights the annual Cilip quiz night at Goblet's in Southampton. Not sure what to expect but the pub is good and there's free food involved!

Aside from that I'm trying to put together an Xmas quiz at work to get people using some of the library's eResources (and some of the book resources) - hopefully it'll use up some spare freebies from a recent training event as prizes but the uptake could be poor as folks are very busy towards the end of the year trying to make their targets... We'll see.

Lots happening on the corporate blog and had another request directly from the blog this week... This works so much better than the old book of the month which never earned a request in 9 months and was a complete waste of time...

The MySpace page here is sort of a proof of concept for where I'd like the library webpage to be - a collection of feeds brought together in one place... That way by updating the different sources the library page is dynamic and gets people to come back. I want current awareness (e.g. news headlines) and new books feeding onto the homepage as that will draw people back and lead to use of other resources. Long way to go yet though.

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