Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Xmas already?

No blogging so far this week as mega busy preparing for Xmas. Seems excessively early but going to Czech for a few days on Friday (woohoo!) so have to get as much sorted now as possible.

The new books blog at work has gone mental. Over 200 hits yesterday and over 300 today - the tagging seems to be doing it - about 20 hits a day come from that days post - the rest are all from old entries - mainly from feed readers. Just shows that the old days of folks regularly visiting websites are numbered - feed readers are in. Still haven't sent the chartership forms off - must do that before the end of Thursday but also have to put in my budget request for next year and finish some other things off as a priority. Hopefully I'll get some time to set up blogger over xmas break but it just seems non-stop at the moment. Work - Run - Eat Dinner - Wrap Presents - Sleep - Work... What day is it? Roll on Thursday.

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