Friday, 25 January 2008

Web2.0 Evangelism

Never really thought of myself as an evangelist before but it seems my stint on the library conference call the other day has got at least two of the other libraries to start blogging new books (and at least a couple more are going to start blogging after they get legal advice on copyright). What's really cool is that the economics of marketing social software works in a completely different way. In traditional marketing I'd have been reluctant to encourage other similar ideas into the same forum because we'd then all be competing for the attention of the consumers. With blogging the opposite is true. I've already had hits from pages other librarians have posted - because of the social nature of the site (i.e. similar posts are linked together) - the more librarians I get posting, the more hits I'll get from their posts. Collaborating not competing.

Now, where's the Vanish? Must get the ketchup out of my white suit...

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