Friday, 25 January 2008

Web Development - I HAVE THE POWER!

I'm really impressed with our Intranet Developer. A while ago I put in a request to re-develop the library pages. There's a number of reasons that this needs doing (which I'll go into elsewhere). What's really cool about the solution I've been offered (and unique - I've not experienced this anywhere else) is that I now have complete ownership of the site's development. Rather than the traditional IT support method of doing a really detailed requirements specification then taking ownership of developing the solution, my friendly developer initiated an initial meeting, where we discussed roughly what I wanted the website to do. After this he has set up a host for the site and, in a follow up meeting showed me how I can edit the site to do my own development (he even provided an example that does something similar and advised me on the software I need to use to develop and edit the site).

The reason this is cool is that:

a) In terms of human resource, I own the site - if I don't get exactly what I want then I've only myself to blame.
b) In terms of the technology, the solution provided to me is ideal - I'm no longer hamstrung by the old hosting platform (which was a bitch to edit).

Now all I have to do is find the time to do the development...

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