Wednesday, 6 February 2008

The Angle of Reflection is Equal to the Angle of Incidence

One of those phrases that have stuck with me from physics lessons - I guess some of it must have sunk in. Also, it comes in handy when playing pool. The course on reflective practice last week was not so focused on reflective practice as I thought it would be but it was quite useful in other ways.

Actually the content on reflective practice was very minimal. I need to try and dig out some notes from a course I did years ago that had a brilliant section on keeping reflective journals. What I really liked about it was the learning style - very active. Whilst the content was quite useful last Tuesday it was a very passive way to learn. I think my uni days showed me that I'm not suited to a lecture style of learning. There was one activity, but I personally could have used a bit more explaination (although to be fair I was a bit frazzled - busy week last week). I'll definitely revisit the handout which had some tools on reflective writing that I need to practice. There was also a book which I got for someone at work recently which looks good so I'll have to look that one out.

One of the key messages from the training was that the evaluative statement needs to be written in a positive style - I like the idea of that but I think I'll have to work on that angle of my writing. So, with this in mind, here are the good things that I took from the course...

1) Good to hear from somebody who actually reviews chartership portfolios to get first hand knowledge of what they are looking for.
2) Good to chat to an old acquaintance and meet a new one. Also, it's always good to see that others are in the same boat.
3) It made me reflect on training and learning styles, which is something I haven't done for a while. I think I actually miss delivering training, hmmmm...
4) It has made me think about the way that I write.

Maybe for my next posts I'll work on some of the tools provided.

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