Friday, 15 February 2008

Handover meeting

My last mentor meeting was a bit of a hand over as my current mentor is finishing work soon to go on maternity leave. It was great that she took me on as a mentee at such a busy time and I really appreciate it - considering that she didn't know me before we started the process, I think it shows a real dedication to developing the profession.

The handover meeting went well. It was quite reflective as it seemed like a good point to review where we've got to and what we have to do moving forwards. Basically, more forms (for someone who hates filling in forms I seem to attract them like iron filings to a magnet). I think my fear of forms (or any sort of admin) combined with a tendency to put off anything I don't like might be one of my biggest weaknesses so I'm going to make a big effort to tackle this and get myself organised...

I find blogging is a really good way to brainstorm and using a to-do tag helps me to take action rather than just record ideas - once the actions are complete the to-do tag can be removed...

Here's my list for the transfer process:

1) Send role profile, organisational chart and any other info about my setting to my new mentor.
2) Review my PDPP(PDDP? - ah, who cares!) and send it to my new mentor to sign and return.
3) Bundle the revised PDPP with the mentoring agreement and the completion form from my old mentor and whap it off to CILIP with a covering note.
4) Confirm that it has been received and understood at CILIP HQ (this last point is very important!).

Other actions that arose are to sort out a CDG course actually, why not do that now...

...ok, job's a good'n - there's a course in London on 13.05 so hopefully I'll get a place...

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