Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Revised PPDP

Ok - the PDPP is basically revised. Just need to compare it to an edition at work as I think there might be two versions hanging around... To avoid this happening in the future I've posted on Google base here: PPDP.

It's basically the same document but I made the web development objective a bit less specific - I'm still not convinced a formal user survey is the way to go on this one as I don't think I'll get much response and there's a paradox involved. The reason I'm redeveloping the website is to get more information to people's desktops and to give me a tool to promote resources that people don't know about. If they don't know about the resources how can they have an opinion on how they should be promoted in the website?

The other main change is in the Archiving objective - made less formal so that rather than reading I'll be doing research (or having a chat with my new found tame archivist!).

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