Monday, 29 March 2010

Kitchen makeover: Day 3

Today was a bit of a washout - both in terms of weather, and what we got done. I started  the day by reading up on floor tiling. The advice was not to lay ceramic tiles on top of vinyl tiles but if you had to to put a coat of PVA on the floor before laying. Although we took up a layer of floor tile yesterday there was another layer underneath. Even with a heat gun these suckers weren't shifting. Also, they look pretty old and the chances are they could contain asbestos - so on the whole, best to leave well enough alone.

DSCF4311So the first trip of the day was to get some PVA glue. I got the biggest pot I could find thinking it would easily be enough. In the end we were scraping the edges of the pot and the lid, but it just about covered the floor. Then we waited for it to dry... and we waited... and waited. It soon became clear that it's going to take a day for the stuff to dry so we've kind of been at a loose end ever since.

Ordinarily, I'd call it a day and go down the pub but the rain has been torrential so even that wasn't an option.

DSCF4314On the plus side we decided to go out and get our new tap and sink. We also got a bit of timber. Radka had a good idea of putting a wine rack in between the cupboard that we moved yesterday so we got some wood to build them and built the shelves (the wine bottle was to make sure we had the size right!). Unfortunately the decorating has taken over the house a bit and it was to wet to do the sawing outside, so we had a makeshift workshop on the upstairs landing, using the ironing board as a sawhorse. Needs must and all that!

So, no tiling done as yet but at least we got some other bits and pieces out of the way.

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