Saturday, 10 April 2010

Ian Brown - Godlike Sellout

King Monkey

<rant>It seems the same artist who wrote Illegal Attacks in protest of the military-industrial complex in Iraq is not against advertising Adidas shoes - or suppressing the voice of those who think this is a bit of a sellout.

I was curious enough, on seeing a post on Ian Brown's "godlike genius" fanpage on Facebook of him with Noel Gallagher to watch the clip. It was 7+ minutes of Ian and Noel  extolling the virtues of Adidas shoes and how they're closely linked with coolness and the whole Manchester thing. Really cheesy stuff.

Worse, was the string of comments e.g.  "You boys are my idols. I'm an aspiring writer and when i make it i'm writing a film about our home city and life in the late 80s-early 90s. I'll be knocking on both your doors for bits of the soundtrack." er, O-big pause-K.

Worse still, was that after I posted my view on this to the thread (it was a one word post - "sell-outs") the post was deleted and it now seems that I'm not able to comment on posts any more (see - no comment link).


It seems not only is Ian Brown not as anti-capitalist as his lyrics make out he's also anti-free speech.

The music has died a little bit tonight.</rant>

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  1. Also - beware of what social media is telling you! Sometimes you can't see the comments that have been deleted!