Thursday, 20 May 2010

Hootsuite revisited

I wrote about Hootsuite as a 3rd party Twitter tool a while back. At the time it had some unique features like delayed posting, in-line url shortening, team Twittering and good stats on URL's posted.

I go through spells of not using it (or only using it to shorten links) but every now and then I have a click around and discover it's got some really good new features. It seems to be under constant development!

Some new stuff since the last time I tried it:

Facebook profile and groups posting.

You can post to your Facebook profile or to any pages you look
after. I don't use Facebook much (antisocial git that I am) but check
in every now and then. Having FB news feed in Hootsuite makes me less
likely to log into FB. It also makes me less likely to log in to
Twitter as I can do both from one place.

For anyone wanting multiple people to be able to post to a FB page - Hootsuite provides an alternative way to do that by letting you add users in your who can have their own log in to post.

Other Social Networks

Not only can you stay in touch with Facebook but also MySpace (remember that?), LinkedIn, PingFM, Wordpress, and FourSquare!

We all use different networks for different things but it's really nice to be able to access all of them form a single place. I think maybe Hootsuite have spotted a market in this.

Follower management

This is the big bonus for me. One of the things I dislike about Twitter is how difficult it is see who's following you and manage who you follow. Hootsuite now lets you look at your list of followers and choose to follow or unfollow them (unlike Twitter you don;t have to constantly page through to do this). It also gives you good info on who of your followers to follow back - like their follower to following ratio, Klout, number of tweets per day, and date joined. For follower management this is the tool for me!

I'll be trying to train my brain to make more use of this tool. I think it really cuts down on some of the weak points of Twitter and also allows you to access other networks from a single place. I'd love to know what you think of it or if there are other tools that you think are just as good?

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