Thursday, 24 June 2010

Some things I learnt today

ResearchGate looks like an interesting source. I stumbled across it after (I'm ashamed to say) doing a Google search for a thesis from University of Utah. The result showed as a page in ResearchGate's database which includes info from: Pubmed, Arxiv, Pubmed Central, IEEE, RePEc, CiteSeer, NASA library and DOAJ. In this case it linked out to the full text in University of Utah's institutional repository - which was nice. Aside from the database it also allows researchers to network using social media features. They've got a tour here and registration is free.

Resourcing reading lists takes quite alot of time and money. You probably won't get much thanks for doing it but will probably get quite alot of complaints if it isn't done. Ho hum.

Sometimes the day just gets away with you. I've been meaning to have a look at the latest edition of Journal Citation Reports for ages but still didn't get around to it today.

This is a Click Beetle (I think). It's quite freaky when one flies down and hits you in the face!

Hootsuite just keeps on getting better with Hootsuite5 being released. Now with GeoSearch, drag and drop upload and enhanced FaceBook features among other things. Oh yeah - apparently Dolly Parton uses it too.

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